Liquid Chalk Markers

Noble Quality Liquid Chalk Markers


I made a spray paint Chalkboard picture frame last year for my children and the daycare kids. They loved it and had so much fun drawing all the time, I however hated the mess it made all over the place in the living room. I took it down a month later. When I saw the liquid chalk markers on Facebook I decided to get the chalkboard back out and give it a try again.

When you get ready to use them for the first time it does take a bit of time to get the liquid to saturate the tip. I found that tapping the end works best to speed up the process. They include chalkboard stickers, which I used for labeling my flour, sugar and other items around the house. It depends on how you look at it if it’s a pro or a con but once you write on the labels its difficult to remove the writing.

The markers work fantastic on our chalkboard and the children have been so excited to use it again! They aren’t nearly as messy as normal chalk is and the liquid dries very quickly so they aren’t smearing it while drawing or getting it all over their hands. When they are finished a baby wipe or damp towel makes clean up super easy!

The markers can be used on many other surfaces (non porous) by far my favorite is on windows! It’s almost Halloween and I decorated most of our windows/mirrors with little drawings and Halloween jokes.

I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest unbiased review. All my words are my own and are my true and honest feelings on the product.







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